On world cancer day, Feb 4th, 2019. We from our KALVI trust organized a program at KALVI Institute Anna Nagar Branch. Dr. J. Jasmine, CEO of RAKS hospital Pvt. Ltd. marked the “I am and I will" campaign, which has been launched by WHO announced from 2019 to 2022 and she gave a speech on " I am and I will" campaign. In that she explained about the food practices which cause cancer and ways to prevent ourselves from cancer. She also explained that level of Carbon-di-oxide have been raised 100 times from 350PPM, which is prime factor for skin cancer. Dr. Jasmine congratulated KALVI trust for launching the innovative BYOB (bring your own bag) plastic free campaign. She added that the core products for plastic items are from petroleum's waste, which leads to stomach cancer. In continuation with that Mr. K. Balasubrmanian of Voice foundation briefly explained about types of cancer, causes of cancer and preventive methods. 40 DDUGKY students participated in this program. Mr. S.Francis Xavier Relationship Manager of KALVI trust gave vote of thanks and concluded the program.