Aim of the programme

Transition from education to the labour market is a very important phase in the life of every youth. It represents the transition from childhood to adulthood, personal development from economic and social dependents to independence which is highly critical stage of life. Most of the youth face difficulties during this face such as lack of information about labour market, lack of guidance and support about the opportunities, lack of financial assistance and mentoring finally ends with unemployment or underemployment. This programme of enhancing employability of youth aims to facilitate that transition and support them in identifying right opportunities and placements through guidance and networking.

Programme overview

The programme of enhancing employability of youth of Kalvi trust focusing on positioning right person at the right job. This programme is facilitating activities that will support the educated youths from poor community to get better placements to their qualification accordingly. Under this programme kalvi trust will promote a platform to get information about various opportunities and job opening available in the market. Further it also organises employability drives for the youth from poor background completed their graduation or those underemployed. Kalvi Trust also has network and good rapport with several corporate institutions; it will also refer the students to companies and also facilitate them to have interview on the kalvi working locations. Overall do job counselling and consultancy for youth of poor community without any costing.

Impact created

Target community of unemployed and underemployed youths were identified with kalvi trust working locations and they were facilitate towards employment opportunity through refer them to the job fair conducted in city headquarters, and also facilitates employment through kalvi consultancy services which is a wing of kalvi group of institutions